Library Learning Space

​​The Library Learning Space is staffed by a teacher-librarian and library-aide. It consists of a computerised borrowing system with quality computer software programs supplied to assist students with researching and publishing. Our automated library plays a vital role in our school as so much emphasis is placed on resource-based teaching and learning. We teach our students to be skillful in accessing information through a network of computers which are linked to the internet. curriculum4.jpg

Most classes have a 'set' borrowing day but borrowing may take place during most lunch hours as well. Sometimes teachers ask for a bulk loan if they are working on a theme, and children then borrow these books from the classroom. All children need a library bag for borrowing. These are available through the school office.

Reader's Cup

Classes from years 4 to 6 take part in a Reader’s Cup competition. 

Book covering

A big thank you to all the parents who have helped cover the new readers for the school. The library is always looking for parent helpers to come in and cover books. This year we have decided to run a working group on Tuesday mornings. This will be quite social so if you can spare some time, even if it is 20 minutes we would love to see you. It will be anything from sticking barcodes on the front of book covers to covering books. All the work is easy so you can easily chat while working.

If you have any time available, we would love your help. Just call in to the library and see Kym or myself.

World Book Online

Our school subscribes to World Book Encyclopaedia online. This means students from Year 1 to 7 and staff has access to a top quality encyclopaedia. We have subscribed to World Kids and World Student. The students have access at school and are able to access the site from home as well. Please take the time to explore it with your children. I hope we all find it an invaluable educational tool.


St Andrew’s is offering chess for beginners and experts again this year. It will be run again by Mrs Connie Pizzato who has been involved in teaching, coaching and judging chess for twenty years. Connie currently works for Somerville school where she teaches chess as part of the curriculum.

When: 10:35-11:15 am Wednesdays first break.
Where: Library
Who: Any child from Prep-6

Cost is dependant on the number of weeks chess will be available in the term. Payable by cash or cheque made out to Connie Pizzato ONLY. To be handed to the OFFICE, Mrs Apte or Mrs Barker.

Book Club

Opportunities are provided (usually once each term) for children to purchase books through Ashton Scholastic. Brochures are sent home with information about the publication.