Principal's Message

​​​ principal.jpg​Dear Parents,

Great to have you all back with us for this already busy term. I would like to thank and congratulate Jen, the teachers and those children who had leading parts in the Holy Week and Resurrection liturgies that were held early this term. Obviously, the timing of these occasions was disrupted considerably when we were told to close the school on the last two days of last term. Still and all, the occasions were executed with dignity and excellence. Well done to all concerned.

In addition to these fantastic liturgies, we also congratulate Kylie Murphy, Jen and the children and teachers involved with our remembrance ceremony for ANZAC Day which was held on Monday of this week. Unfortunately, I was unable to be present on this occasion but from all reports our school family gave the reverence and recognition that this important social feast day deserves. Well done and thanks to Fox Wood for his playing of the Last Post. Again, from all reports a sterling and dare I say “gutsy”, rendition. Teamwork will always make the dream work.

Having said all that has been said in the above two paragraphs got me to thinking about what we are on about here at St Andrews. It has been well documented in newsletters, at Parent Information Evenings and because of many different schools visiting and working in our learning spaces that our school is regarded as one of the benchmark schools displaying the important pedagogical techniques/strategies that enhance and give control of the children’s learning back to the children. Our learning spaces are flexible and authentic with collaborative co-teaching creating something very special. All of this is great, something which we should all be very proud of from an educational/pedagogical perspective.

However, I would be extremely disappointed if we ever lost the real reason why we as people who make Jesus real are in this profession. You as parents and we as educators have the unreal responsibility of “creating” and moulding the minds and hearts of those children in our care to typify and resemble the type of child that is described and depicted in this quote. This is the real reason why we all exist and we all should never forget the honour that is ours to cherish.

Just want to explain my frequent absence from the “coal face” over the past two weeks. I have been under doctor’s orders to rest my leg, particularly my knee. I have contracted a dreaded staph’ infection in my right knee which if not rested and treated properly could require further surgery to clean it out and make it better. This, obviously and ideally is not the road I want to go down!!

Hope you have the best week and that you value what you have and how good your kids are at life!

Zooties with GRIT!!