Making Jesus Real

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is a way of life that all members of the St Andrew’s Family teach and witness to one another in all that we do and say. It has, as its foundation, a positive approach to life and highlights the importance of respectful relationships with all those we come in contact with during the course of each day.

In summary the MJR way of life teaches us and encourages us to be:

Saying Sorry

W.E.S.T.I.E people are the positive winners and grinners of the world and are known as Happy Chappies/Chickies. We discourage an E.A.S.T. approach which is excluding, argumentative, sulking and talking back. E.A.S.T. people are the negative moaners and groaners of the world and are known as Nasty Pasties.

By adopting the W.E.S.T.I.E approach in our relationships with others, all members of the school community are responsible for Making Jesus Real.