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Extraordinary School Fair this Sunday - May 29!
See you there!!

May 25, 2016: State of Origin - It's on again
On Wednesday the 1st of June the children are invited to wear Maroon or Blue to show support for QLD or NSW in the first State of Origin game. (The red prep shirt will also be fine!) This is optional and children can wear anything from their usual uniform with a ribbon to full free dress. Closed in shoes and hats are compulsory. No donation requested. So show your colours and join in the friendly rivalry.

May 18, 2016: Poetry Webinar
The Year 4 students recently participated in a Poetry webinar. There were 33 other schools also involved in this session. Two of our students were able to read the poetry they had constructed to the other participants from other schools. A great learning opportunity for our students and certainly provided an example of how learning and teaching can be flexible with the use of technology.

May 11, 2016: Cyber Safety
Please join us in the hall at 6:30pm Wednesday 18th May as we have a guest speaker presenting to parents and staff a session on Cyber Safety.

It is essential that as parents we educate ourselves on the dangers that children can be exposed to when they are interacting with technology and in particular social media.

May 4, 2016: NAPLAN Testing
As NAPLAN approaches it is important to ensure that the children in Year 3 and Year 5 do not experience unnecessary pressure due to sitting ‘a test.’ These National tests are a one off assessment taken at a period in time as a snapshot. Teachers conduct many assessments throughout the year and these assessments combined with NAPLAN results create a rounded picture of your child as a learner. Michael Grose from “Parenting Insights” has some very pertinent points to make in regard to how parents can support their children at this time. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the NAPLAN tests please see the classroom teacher.
» Michael Grose NAPLAN Insights

April 27, 2016: ANZAC Commemorations
ANZAC Day. We remembered.

On Thursday several Year 6 students accompanied Mrs Kylie Murphy and myself to the Anzac day service at Anzac square in the city. We were joined by students from schools throughout Brisbane and beyond, to pray, sing, listen, reflect and most of all remember. Our students laid a wreath on behalf of our school community. We thank Kerri Hetherington and Kylie Murphy for making a beautiful wreath from our very own St Andrews garden.

The following day our entire school community gathered in our annual Anzac Day liturgy. Students from Year 5 and 6 lead us in prayer. Our choir and band accompanied us in song and wreaths were laid by representatives from each class. As always, our students were respectful and thoughtful throughout the liturgy. We would like to thank the large number of family and friends who came to join us. Your presence in such sacred events helps support the values and messages we send to our students during liturgies and speaks volume to our sense of community.

We would especially like to thank Mrs Kylie Murphy who, as our Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA), is an integral part of such events, as well as someone who provides ongoing support to our defence students and families.

April 21, 2016: Year 1 STEM Lessons
You will remember that we participated in the Woolies Earn & Learn Program last year and that many of you supported us in accumulating the points we needed to exchange for resources. Our focus was to purchase items to support the introduction of the new Technologies curriculum with its deep focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) related learning activities and skill building including the latest ‘buzz’ word in education - coding.

As part of our goal to create STEM ‘MakerSpace’ learning environments we are accumulating a variety of STEM resources and I will be supporting the teachers in using these as we steadily implement the curriculum in each year level. Year 1 started some Lego WeDo coding this week and the atmosphere was electric! As an introductory activity they were challenged to collaboratively envisage, create, build and program a fan that would cool Mr Mac down on a hot day! The results were awesome with not one product being the same the other.

April 14, 2016: Tuckshop Online
As of this Tuesday 19th April St Andrew's Tuckshop will be online. A set of instructions were sent home with the eldest child in each family on Wednesday. Instructions will also be on the website by the end of this week. This term will see the Preps ordering for the first time. Preps will have their tuckshop food delivered to their rooms. Preps will not be able to purchase over the counter items which include slushies, lollies and ice blocks, as Preps will not have access to the Tuckshop area. As usual, for students in Years 1-6, lunches as well as over the counter items will be collected by individuals. Remember that orders need to be made by 9:00am on the day off purchases.

This term, the tuckshop will be providing Sushi as an option for THURSDAYS only. Orders need to be made via bags, however, all orders must be received by Tuesday morning. We will not be able to fill any late orders! In addition, it is IMPERATIVE that all sushi ordered is eaten immediately. In line with food safety practices, Sushi ordered at first break cannot be left until 2nd break. Options include, tuna and avacado, chicken teriyaki and beef teriyaki. Each roll is $3.00, please ask for soy sauce if required.

March 24, 2016: Holy Week Celebrations
Our whole school joined together to share in the story and message of Christ’s journey through Holy Week from Palm Sunday to his death. The students of St Andrew’s sung, read, acted, watched and listened as they connected with the events of Holy Week. It was a moving reminder of what this season is truly all about. We look forward to celebrating the resurrection on Tuesday of the first week back.

March 24, 2016: Easter Raffle
Thank you to the families who bought tickets in this year’s Easter Raffle.

The Year 6 leaders have been very proactive in advertising their raffle to raise funds for their end of year festivities. Thank you for supporting their cause.

March 18, 2016: Helping Hands Working Bee
A very special thanks to the HUGE number of mums, dads and kids who attended the "Helping Hands" working bee last Saturday. It was a great afternoon. A huge amount of work was achieved, which is very important, however, the most important thing that happened and was very evident, was the fact that people were happy to be there working for each other and doing it with a smile on the dial. New networks were established, jokes were told, light hearted sledging happened and overall, a good time was had by all!! Just DOING THEIR JOB!!

March 11, 2016: Orange Sky Van Blessing
Last Friday four students from Year 6 Kieran Tran, Grace Baker, Jacob Voll and Hailey Phillips travelled with Mrs Natalie Ceola and myself into St Stephens Cathedral for the blessing of a new Orange Sky Laundry van.

Last year our school community joined with other Brisbane Catholic Education schools to fundraise for this incredibly worthy cause. Together we raised over 80 000 dollars which has enabled a new van called “Cathy” ( short for Catholic Education) to travel throughout suburbs of Brisbane, providing a mobile free laundry service for homeless on our streets.

The students were lucky enough to meet and speak with Nicholas and Lucas co-founders of the Orange Sky Laundry and also 2016 Young Australians of the Year.

Nicholas spoke very personally about how his experience as a student in a Catholic school helped him understand his responsibility to serve others. He also reminded everyone that although Orange Sky Laundry is primarily a free laundry facility which allows the homeless to look and feel clean, it is actually far greater than that. The service communicates to all it helps, that they are worthy. It allows the homeless to spend time talking and connecting to others in positive, non-judgemental and friendly way. He reminded our students that we all have the capacity to facilitate change.

We listened to Archbishop Coleridge speak about the importance of not just thinking or understanding what it means to help others but actually DOING. He reminded us that that is precisely what the “Year of Mercy” is all about. He said the Orange Sky Laundry have shown us that sometimes the simplest ideas, when they come from a place of understanding and compassion, can be the most powerful.

March 3, 2016: Enrolments for Prep 2017
We are currently processing enrolment applications for Prep 2017. Any existing families at St Andrew's who will have a sibling enrolling in Prep in 2017 (DOB 1/7/11 - 30/6/12) will need to download all the necessary enrolment forms and send them to the School Office by the beginning of March, 2016.
» Enrolment Forms
Please don't hesitate to contact the office if you have any queries.

March 3, 2016: Swimming Carnival
Last Friday the annual school swimming carnival was held at the Ferny Hills Pool. This year the trophy was taken out by the Amalfi Gold team, well done to you all. All students did an awesome job of cheering and participating in the numerous events that were available to them.

While there is a competitive component to the day, there is also the camaraderie of being a member of a team and the determination of those for whom swimming does not come naturally, to be involved . We congratulate all participants on the way they conducted themselves and appreciate the wonderful support of our St Andrew’s parents and friends.

To Mr King and the early morning swim coaches on staff, we thank you for the time and effort that has been put into additional swimming sessions before school in preparation for the day. We also congratulate Mr King on his attention to detail in making the carnival a very enjoyable and successful day for all.

March 3, 2016: Year 5 Mass
On Tuesday the Year Five students gathered together to celebrate mass with Father Frank Lourigan. It was a beautiful mass, woven around the theme of being ‘extraordinary’ in Lent through forgiveness. Thank-you to the Year Five teachers Miss Ellen Locke, Mrs Gayle Wilkinson and Mr Mark MacDonald for creating such a meaningful mass and preparing the students so beautifully. We thank those parents too who were able to make the time to join us.

February 25, 2016: Germ Rangers
Last Friday 3 Elouera and the Year 6 students were visited by the Germ Rangers. The students held their hands beneath an ultraviolet light that illuminated the germs that were already present on their hands. The students could visibly see the importance of washing their hands well. The Germ Rangers instructed the students on how to wash their hands thoroughly so that germs would not be present. Students tested their hands after washing to see how successful they had been with the cleaning process. A great lesson on hygiene and how easily germs can be picked up from many sources. Thanks Germ Rangers a fun interactive way to learn an important message!

February 18, 2016: Parent Infomration Evening
Thank you to all the parents who were able to make it to the Parent Information Evening last week. It was a great opportunity to meet the teachers and hear about the expectations for the year ahead. It was also an opportune time for parents to gather over a drink and have a chat, particularly new families to St Andrew’s School. Thank you to members of the Community Association Executive Committee for organising this social time. Teamwork makes the dream work!

February 4, 2016: School Choir
Choir is fantastic opportunity for your child to further develop their music education. It does require hard work and commitment but is very rewarding, engaging and a lot of fun!

At St Andrew's there is a Junior Choir and a Senior Choir. The Junior Choir is made up of students from Grades 1 & 2. Rehearsals take place every Wednesday morning from 7.45am to 8.15am in the Hall. The Senior Choir is made up of students from Grades 3-6. Rehearsals take place every Friday morning from 7.45am to 8.15am in the Hall.

If your child is interested in joining one of the choirs and has not received a permission note, please contact the music teacher: Petra Sitsky -psitsky@bne.catholic.edu.au

February 4, 2016: Opening Mass
The children, staff and parents joined together with Father Frank Lourigan to celebrate our opening mass. It was a warm day, and the students demonstrated wonderful behaviour and presence. As mentioned in the mass, our theme this year is 'see the extraordinary'.

We will be teaching, challenging and supporting our students to open their hearts to the beauty that lies within people they connect with, the world in which they live and importantly in themselves. Our school theme sits beautifully within the Catholic Churches 2016 “Year of Mercy” where we are invited to look for what is 'of God’ in others and place ourselves in another person’s heart and mind.

January 25, 2016: Welcome to the 2016 School Year
The St Andrew's school community would like to welcome new and existing families to the 2016 school year. We are looking forward to another fantastic year!

Our school website is updatedly weekly throughout the school terms, so please check back regularly for news and details regarding school events and achievements.