School Benchmarks

​At St Andrew’s, the whole school family understands that the benchmarks are a real foundation on which we can build for the present, and in doing so, cater for the future. These benchmarks influence the decisions we make in all that is undertaken as a school family, for the welfare and benefit of all members.          

Our benchmarks echo the school’s mission.

  • UNIQUE ETHOS: St Andrew’s has a unique ethos, which is based on the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. Following the traditions of St Benedict, we foster a community of faith and hope where the welfare of each person is paramount.

  • EMPOWERS RELATIONSHIPS: St Andrew’s values relationships with all members of the community by actively promoting and fostering respect, support, openness, and care and concern for all.

  • Is LEARNER CENTRED: St Andrew’s School recognises that each individual is a life-long learner. We strive to create a learning environment where each person is valued and encouraged to be effective contributors to our society.

  • Is DYNAMICALLY ORGANISED: St Andrew’s is a dynamically organised school community in whi​ch effective school systems respond in a proactive, future-oriented and reflective manner to a changing world.

  • Is MULTI-SKILLED: St Andrew’s is a multi-skilled community that provides all participants with opportunities to access and share knowledge and skills to enhance life long learning in our ever-changing world.

  • Is MULTI-RESOURCED: St Andrew’s is multi-resourced to provide for a range of learning styles to assist in the development of life long learning. We achieve this by utilising human and material resources from the immediate and wider community.

  Click to view the Prep Orientation_2019.pdf held on October 24th 2018 for parents with preppies commencing in 2019.

  View the video below showcasing the Benchmarks at St Andrews: