​St Andrew’s school family takes pride in its school uniform. It is a highly visible symbol of who we are and students are expected to wear the full school uniform neatly and with pride.
Parents are asked to ensure their child is wearing the correct school uniform at all times. Substitutes are not acceptable. If there is a genuine reason why a student cannot wear the uniform at any time, it would be appreciated if you would send a note to the class teacher.

Uniform Shop Trading Times

Opening hours: Thursdays from 3:00pm - 4:00pm during term time.  Further times are available during Christmas Holidays by appointment only.​

Uniform shop opening times are also advertised in the school newsletter. All money raised from the Uniform shop is passed directly to the school. They in turn use the funds for improvements to your children’s educational needs.

Uniform items may be ordered and paid for online by clicking here

The current policy is that the sports uniform is required two days per week for Years 1 - 6. These days vary dependant on year level and they may occur back to back.

Prep 'Every Day' Uniform

Red, Yellow, Blue or Green polo shirt screen printed with St Andrew's logo
Girls: Bottle green skort
Boys: Bottle green gabardine shorts

Girls Uniform

Formal uniform
Checked Day Dress or Checked Sh​irt with Skort
Sports uniform
Printed House Colour polo shirt and bottle green skort
Black leather school or black sports shoe

Boys Uniform

Formal uniform
Checked Shirt with bottle green Gabardine Shorts
Sports uniform
Printed House Colour polo shirt and bottle green Gabardine Shorts
Black leather school or black sports shoe

All Students

Bottle Green turn down socks to be worn with day and sports uniform at all times.

NOTE: socks must have at least 5cm visible above ankle.
Bottle Green Microfibre Hat
Bottle Green Jacket, Jumper and Track Suit Pants. All fabrics are suitable as long as colour is similar to that in shorts and skorts. 

Swimming lessons are in the first and last terms of the school year.
- Any colour swim suit may be worn
- A sun-safe rashie/swim shirt is required as part of our Sun Safe Policy
- A swim cap must be worn as a BCE requirement
- Girls may wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit under a rashie/swim shirt
- Boys may wear speedos or swim shorts and a rashie/swim shirt (no boardshorts)
- Swimming caps in house colours to be worn at annual swimming carnival (Years 3-6)
A water resistant library bag is required to transport library books to and from school

All Students

  • Girls checked day dress – the hemline should not be any shorter than 5cm above the knee. 
  • Hair is to be kept neat. Shoulder length and longer hair (on all students) must be tied back with hair ties, only in bottle green, black or white.  Hair must be out of the eyes, off the collar and away from their ears.
  • For Work Health & Safety Compliance, no jewellery is to be worn with the exception of plain studs or sleeper earrings and a watch.  Students may be instructed to remove all jewellery and watches when required for sport.
  • Make up and nail polish is not to be worn.
  • Valuables - no valuables are to be brought to school.



As a sun safety issue, children are to wear their hat at all times when they are outdoors as well as coming to and from school. The school’s policy is NO HAT – NO PLAY!

Please ensure that all items are clearly marked with the child’s name. If you are unsure about any uniform regulations please contact the school.