The St Andrew's School Choirs work under the guidance of Mrs Petra Sitsky, who is our school specialist Music teacher. There are currently over 160 children across both Junior and Senior Choir. 

The Junior and Senior Choir practice before school once a week and perform at school events such as masses, liturgies and the fair. They also hold a Twilight Concert each semester and compete in the Queensland Catholic Schools Music Festival held in Brisbane each year. 

The Choir Program at St Andrew's is guided by a belief in the following principles: 

  • The right of each individual to develop his/her potential 
  • To develop an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of music 
  • To develop a further knowledge of music and develop an appreciation of the discipline required in performance 
  • To use music to develop the individual – socially, emotionally and physically 

Please contact Petra Sitsky at the following email address: if you require further information. ​

Year 1 to Year 3 Students 

Year 4 to Year 6 Students