Social Justice

At St Andrew's we empower our students to make a difference in their world.

By making Jesus real, we promote values of compassion, equity, understanding, fairness, inclusion and generosity which underpin Social Justice.

Our students learn about and engage in social justice issues and activities within the school including:

  • respecting the rights and dignity of all members of the school community
  •  implementing practices within the school that nurture a generosity of spirit
  • applying stewardship to the school resources and our environment
  • supporting our Local chapter of St Vincent de Paul
  • engaging with student initiated local justice projects through the annual Justice Walk
  • Supporting Caritas Lenten Project Compassion Appeal
  • Engaging with the Grovely Parish Timor Leste Companions, and supporting our sister parish school in Laquita
  • Supporting special events and days including Say No to Bullying, Kids Cancer Project
  • Year 6 participation in a parish Social Justice day 
  • Engaging guest speakers from a variety of social justice organisations  ​