Relationship Policy


Our membership of Church and the community of Catholic schools asks us to commit to the promotion and support of right relationships in our classrooms, school and community, Communities have times of celebration and times of reconciliation. Our Mission Statement calls us to “Attend with a Listening Heart” to the dignity of each person and the life long learning of all member of the community. Through welcome, love and service we empower learners of all ages to shape and enrich our changing world by living the gospel of Jesus We centre our Relationship Policy around a way of life that makes Jesus real in the lives of all who are the St Andrew’s family. 


St Andrew’s School: 

  • supports the dignity of each person  

  • provides welcome, love and service to all 

  • commits to a way of life that makes Jesus real in the daily lives of all who are the St Andrew’s family.



  • Making Jesus Real way of life 
  • Leadership Program
  • Buddy program 
  • Parent Induction Programs 
  • Community Association 
  • Pastoral Care Parent (PCP)
  • Parent helpers 
  • You Can Do It / Resilience Program 
  • Community Gatherings 
  • School and year level liturgies 
  • Weekly assembly and daily line-up 
  • School celebrations throughout year 
  • Games Room 
  • Social Club 
  • Guidance support 
  • Craft Group 
  • Parent Information Evenings 
  • Parent / teacher interviews 
  • Adopt – a – cop 
  • Out of hours school care
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