August 16, 2012: National Science Week

National Science Week is an annual celebration of Science in Australia that has been running for fifteen years. It is an opportunity to join together to explore the wonders and benefits of science. At St Andrew’s we launched Science Week with a Science Show hosted by Mt Maria staff and Year Eleven students. This year the Science focus was on Energy! While the performance was targeted to our younger classes it was enjoyed by all year levels who attended. There were lots of loud explosions as we saw a range of chemical reactions. There were discussions around kinetic energy, sound energy, motion and force, harnessed energy etc. There was some interaction from the audience with students and Mr Matheson launching foam rockets across the hall.

Our Year Three students also enjoedy their Science Excursion to Mt Cootha exploring the Botanical Gardens. We hope that all our students enjoyed engaging in the Science Learning area and continue to seek to develop a greater understanding of our world and how life is interconnected throughout the globe.