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 Learning Areas

The Curriculum is currently a combination of the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Curriculum. We continue to use the Queensland Curriculum until each phase of the Australian Curriculum is introduced and implemented. At the present time we are teaching English, Mathematics, Science and History form the Australian Curriculum.

Learning Areas have their foundation in the Early Learning Areas of Prep.

The following table shows the links between these areas of the curriculum:

Early Learning Areas (Prep) Specific focus within the early learning areas Key Learning Areas (Years 1-6)
Social and personal learning Social learning, Personal Learning Studies of Society & Environment (SOSE), Health & Physical Education (HPE), History
Health & physical learning Making healthy choices, Gross-motor, Fine-motor Health & Physical Education (HPE)
Language learning and communication Oral language, Early literacy English, Cultural Literacy & Languages
Early mathematical understandings Early numeracy Mathematics
Active Learning processes Thinking, Investigating, Imagining and repsonding Science, Studies of Society & Environment (SOSE), Technology, The Arts, History
Religious Education Connections are made to all the early learning areas Religious Education

Students also have the opportunity to engage in specialist programs: