​Absence from school

Should your child be absent from school on any occasion, it is the St Andrew’s Attendance Policy that the parent/guardian notifies the school using the "Report Student Absence" via the Parent Portal or phones the school on the morning of the day in question. This is to be done by 9am. This is necessary to ensure online attendance rolls are completed accurately.

In the case where a student is absent without any notification to the school, an SMS text message will be sent to parents advising them that their child has been marked as an Unexplained Absence and asking you to contact the school to advise the reason why. If your child is marked as unexplained absence, you will receive a text message. The text message process is a legal requirement to ensure the safety of your child.

For an absence of more than 2 days due to illness, a medical certificate is required for the student record.

Accidents at School

Regardless of the policies developed and the quality of supervision provided, accidents do occur in schools. At St Andrew’s, while most staff have Senior First Aid certification, no treatment is permitted except for basic First Aid. As such, it is vital that parents provide current telephone numbers and emergency contact details. In the event of an emergency or if parents are unable to be contacted, the injured child will be transported to hospital by ambulance.

Please review the Medical / Health Related Issues Policy for further health related information.


​A number of children in our school have life-threatening allergies, particularly to nuts and dairy products. Please be aware when packing lunches or providing birthday cakes of the need to check with the class teacher about potential problems. A number of parents have formed a support group to educate the school community about life-threatening food allergies here at St Andrew’s. If you wish to know more please contact the school office. Be allergy aware – you could save a life!

Click here to view more information about Anaphylaxis

Please review the Medical / Health Related Issu​es Policy for further health related information.


If your child rides a bike to school, the bike is to be WALKED, not ridden, within the school grounds, and parked in the bike rack near the staff carpark.

Drop off / Pick Up Areas

In the afternoon there are three main pick-up areas:

  • Bus: Students are taken down to the bus area at the appropriate time by a teacher each afternoon.

  • Glenelg: Students walk to the back entrance of the school to the end of cul-de-sac in Clyde Court, to be collected by parents at McAlroy Road.
    PLEASE NOTE: There should be no parking in Clyde Court or Glenelg Place. We ask this out of respect and consideration for our neighbours.

The school has an expectation that all children not attending the Out of School Program be collected by 3.00pm. Those children not collected by this time will be asked to gather in a specified area adjacent to the Admin Centre.

Pick Up / Drop off Zone
Students use the paths to walk to the pick-up zone and from the drop-off zone.

Click here for Pick Up Zone Rules


Teachers are encouraged to take the educative process outside the classroom whenever it is appropriate to the learning needs of the students.

A yearly excursion levy of $40.00 per child caters for any special events such as excursions and guest presenters. This amount is billed at the same time as the monthly school fee account.

It is St Andrew’s school policy that any bus used for excursions must be “seat belted” if the bus travels at any stage from a 60km/h zone. 

Head Lice

Head lice are an ongoing problem in all schools.

Please review the St Andrew's Head Lice Policy for further information.


​At St Andrew’s, homework is viewed as an important part of the learning process. Homework, which is relevant to the teaching and learning that is taking place in the school and which is appropriate to the ability of the learner, assists and supports the learning process.

Homework set will vary from class to class depending on the teaching strategies of the class teacher and the maturity and learning needs of the students. It may take the form of daily review and completion of class work or individual research and project presentation. Reading is usually an important part of daily homework.

Parents can assist their children by taking an active interest in their child’s homework as well as setting a regular work time, providing encouragement and promoting a high standard of work. 


The school is insured through Catholic Church Insurances. Coverage is via a Public Liability, Contents and Building Insurance as well as for each child when that child is participating in a school related activity.

Late Arrivals / Early Departures

If children arrive late for class the parent and child first report to the school office and enter in the “Late for School” notice via the electronic ALLE reporting system. This information is automatically uploaded to the class roll in the form of a note next to the child’s name. Once the legal requirement of signing in is completed the child should move to the child’s designated classroom. If a child presents to the class without a “Late Notice” they will be asked to report to the office for a Late Notice.

For early departures parents should report to the school office and enter a “Leave Early” notice via the electronic ALLE reporting system. Office staff may ring to inform the teachers of the child’s class, if teacher is not aware of this departure. The child will then meet with the parent at the school office.

It is a legal requirement that all children are signed in or out during school time.

Medication Administration

At times, some children may need to receive medication at school. Parents must complete with the child’s doctor a Student administration of medication form for each medicine including those available over-the–counter (Forms are also available from the office).

All medication must be forwarded in the original packaging, dispended by a chemist, (even over-the-counter medication) with clear instructions for administration. The school has clear policies in this area and these must be followed to ensure the safety of all.

Parents must complete with the child’s doctor a Student medication condition management form for ongoing medical issues (Forms are also available from the office).

Please review the Medical / Health Related Issues Policy for further health related information. 


Carparking in the school grounds is limited to staff only. Parents are asked to drop their child/ren near to one of the entrances to the school and then walk into the school grounds.

Phone Calls

At times parents may wish to speak to the class teacher or want to give a message to their child. Our school secretaries will take messages when necessary. Your child’s teacher will reply at an appropriate time.

Sickness at School

Children who are unwell will be sent to the school office and then to the Sick Room. If the child does not improve, parents will be contacted to collect the child as soon as possible. Any child who is unwell should be allowed to recuperate at home until they are able to fully complete a school day.

Please review the Medical / Health Related Issues Policy for further health related information.

Volunteers at School

​All parents/carers who volunteer in the school community need to ensure that they have completed the Brisbane Catholic Education’s Student Protection Volunteers Online training course found at this link: Student Protection Volunteer Code of Conduct​ 

Visitor Policy

All visitors to the school must first report the nature of their business to the school office and complete the sign-in register and attach a visitors tag.

Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health and Safety is an integral part of all work environments and we work hard to ensure that our school is a safe environment for our children, staff and parents. St Andrew’s complies with all the Workplace Health and Safety requirements of legislation and Brisbane Catholic Education Office. The school has policies in place in regards to safety issues and the school environment is regularly inspected to ensure all safety issues are addressed. Staff, parents and students are encouraged to communicate with the Workplace Health and Safety Committee if any issues arise and if additional policies are required.